Is carpet cleaning difficult in Cork?

This is when things become problematic regarding the floor.

If these types of wooden floors get wet, they may become discolored, but this disappears after a few hours as the surface dries.

Sometimes it loses color, becomes matte, but it’s restored to its original state after waxing. But sometimes it’s not properly maintained or installed, and the sides become uneven due to water damage.

This cannot be reverted. However, it can be prevented. If you have wooden or laminated floors, please use waterproof proofing a few days before cleaning. This should be done every month or so. If you do this, the floor will not get damaged after the cleaning. Our protecting foil prevents dripping water. But the floor must be mopped up after the cleaning in order to remove the small traces of cleaning. If the floor is not treated, its surface could get damaged after mopping up.

We can’t do this instead of you, we can’t go there and just start maintaining and proofing the floor.

If the floor wasn’t installed by a professional or wasn’t maintained, then there is a possibility of damage, for which we are not responsible and will not give refunds.

Do I have to do something after you’ve left?

Yes. You must have noticed that after the clothes have been washed, sometimes water is dripping from their end. This is the gravity collecting the water at the bottom of the cloth, and it starts dripping. The same can happen when cleaning furniture. Even though we work with industrial machines, there’s no way to prevent some water in the textiles. This is why it’s recommended to check the room every hour for water, and if there is some water, mop it up. We protect the floor as we can. We can’t be held responsible for damages done by dripping water after we’ve left.

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